February 09, 2012


Work, work oh and work. Fuck that, over it

Jake Lewis // CopyEm // Urban Exploration & Urban

Hey, its been a while since i've posted up on here.. Things have been a little up in the air recently, not really knowing whats been happening since Christmas. The first thing we've done since then is when me and Lewis went on an Urban Exploration with Simon from CopyEm (http://www.facebook.com/CopyEm) which was all fun! We went to this one office and spent ages trying to find a way in. Eventually Simon scaled up a wall into a balcony which we was excited about until I was half way up and Lewis saw these two people coming in. So we ducked out as fast as we possibly could. Turned out to be some crackheads finding somewhere to jam so we went to another site opposite Putney East Station and here are the photos:

I also went to this spot i've seen on the train when I used to commute to Woking college everyday and as a coincidence we saw the CopyEm graff up on the pillars! I had a good shoot there with my friend Jack who gave me a helping hand. Here are the pics;

February 05, 2012