January 27, 2012

Joshua Knox - Living Tall In Dallas

This week had the pleasure of going down to Southampton to photograph and film the alternative three piece Living Tall In Dallas.

Had a lot of fun with this video and photos, and am planning future work with these guys.

I highly suggested you go check out the Facebook page for this quality band and give them the "Like" they deserve


January 21, 2012

Lewis Watts - Poor Mans Macro

 Eye with TV reflection and iris radial muscles.

 Five pence piece.

 Pocket watch mechanism.


Nail brush.

Thanks to Jake Lewis for these photos for supplying me with the lens reversing ring.

January 18, 2012



We have just got ourselves a location for the headquarters of UNION! Which we are also converting into a studio!

We had our first meeting there today cracking out the beers and taking a few photos of course! We have got BIG plans for this space but it needs a good clean and some UNION love and before you know it we will have a fully functional studio running!

This is big news for us, and because of this great space it has given us a base from which to expand and break through 2012.

2012 pull up your socks, and retreat to your bomb shelter.

UNION is going to explode this year

January 15, 2012


Jake Lewis:
So we had a Photoshoot for Gumball 3000 and their new range of Jackets and Sweats for 2012. It all started at Shepperton station where we met Kyle from Gumball 3000. From there Ollie took us on the route he had planned for the shoot getting the most out of the sharp winter sun available. We had an amazing day with Gumball 3000, with us taking photos and modeling getting well involved with the shoot. The guys at Gumball giving us full control over the shoot which was a blessing. You'll be seeing more from this shoot as time goes but at the moment it's all a bit under wraps but we can't just leave you with an update without a picture.. Or a video, enjoy;

Photo by Jake Lewis
Video by Joshua Knox

Oliver Moore:
Photographs I gathered from the day. Lewis sporting the crew and the overjacket and Knoxxy reppin' that varsity. Such a good turnout to the day, weather was good and our man over at Gumball was stoked.

Lewis Watts:
Here are a handful of the photos I took, the rest won't be on show til a little bit later but here's just a little look at what we all have to come.

January 13, 2012


I've jumped on the Flashgun fun train with Jake.. However, I found mine on my shelf and managed not to shed ££££'s...yet.
2012 looks out to be a positive year so far, with more stuff from Gumball 3000 and the other projects we are working on regarding a new range of clothing and product for the new year.

I got some filters for my flash...


January 11, 2012

Jake Lewis // Flashgun Fever

It's the new year so i'm moving on to bigger things and thought it was time to get myself a tasty new Flashgun and I'd be lying if I was to say it wasn't one of the best purchases i've made in in 2012.... so far! I've done a couple of test shots in Ollie's garden and this what we've got:

January 06, 2012


Happy New Year!

From everyone here at the UNION team, we hope you all had a standardly intoxicated one!

This year is a humongous one mainly because the world is supposedly doomed and if that is the case, we need to ensure that this year is the biggest and baddest for us.

We have some ideas of what is ahead with projects with some other groups, as well as potentially rad projects which we are still discussing the structure.

So expect more regular updates, more short films of our progress, more projects, more everything.

2012 - The Year UNION gets big