December 20, 2011

Joshua Knox // Untenable

Jake Lewis // SkaSouls Debut Release: Rude

The SkaSouls had their debut album release Rude at the Town Hall in Staines, having sold out every ticket and filling the place to capacity.. They brought such an amazing atmosphere with people from all ages from the elderly re-living their youth to the youth appreciating what has been. An amazing performance from every member and spot on covers towards the end of the night. Their next show will be in Shepperton at the Bagster House. 

December 17, 2011


Nice and wonky^

December 16, 2011

Joshua Knox // Lost at Sea & Wildeflower

Jake Lewis // Wildeflower

Lewis Watts - Wildeflower

Joshua Knox // Lost at Sea & Wildeflower

Wildeflower // Max Kinghorn-Mills

Tonight all of the UNION crew attended exhibition showcasing the designs and artwork of the Surrey artist Maximillian Kinghorn-Mills.

Max works under "Lost At Sea" and had various artwork for band logos and t-shirt designs, flyers, and general designs.

As well as the visuals of Max's art the audience were treated to a performance from the band Wildeflower.
The band where initially a two piece consisting of Max and Thom Durrant however since the initial gigs have recruited more members to form a formidable and near pitch perfect folk/psych band.

UNION were there on the 15th of December at the Old Fire Station in Windsor.

The next few additions to the blog will be of that event we highly recommend you check both the band and the artist;


by Joshua Knox

December 13, 2011

Lewis Watts

only a few from the past months but my photos are now located at:

Jake Lewis // Through The Forest & The Trees

Jake Lewis // Break Of Dawn

As most photographers know, the best time to take landscape photos is at the crack of dawn within the golden hour, here is a photo taken in a park just outside my house.

- Jake Lewis